GALLERY: deGraaf Property

Students explore unknown plant life at the deGraaf property.

David Taylor, professor of biology and herbarium curator at IU Southeast, took students from his Summer Flowering Plants course on an expedition through the deGraaf Property. The 94-acre property was gifted to IU Southeast by Carl deGraaf, a retired professor of educational psychology, for academic research, sustainability efforts, recreation and natural resource and habitat preservation.

“On the main campus we have generated a list of many of the plants and animals living there,” said Taylor about his summer trip to the property. “I want to start generating a list for the new property.  So we are trying to list all the plants that are in flower that we saw. They are easier to identify when they are in flower, but we also identified some trees that are easy to identify without flowers.”

Thirty-two plants were identified on the summer trip.

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